Big South Fork National Rec Area

Thursday:  3-19-15
9:55 On the trail from Bandy Crk Visitor Center
10:45    (2.2 mi)  Fall Branch Falls
11:07  (3.1mi)  John Litton/Fall Branch trail intersection
12:10  (5.1mi)  We passed up both campsites and arrived at the John Muir Trail intersection.  Turned around and went back across the bridge and up the hill to the ‘larger’ site.

Set-up camp and eat lunch in the drizzle

1:40 Left camp for hike to overlook.  Trail goes South. 
Pass Archie Smith grave on left. (1 2)
3:00  Left overlook for hike back to camp
3:30  Back in camp
5:20  Supper cooked and cleaned-up.

Friday:  3-20-15

8:15  Break camp and leave for Station Creek Camp
8:30  (0.4 mi) Intersection of John Muir trail going North.
8:55  (1.4 mi) Rock House on left
9:32 (2.9 mi)  Steps
10:22 (4.6 mi)  Creek Crossing .  5.6 miles till Station Camp
11:15 Arrive at “Cut-thru”
Eat Lunch/looked for Sam’s knife from 4 years ago. 
11.47 Back on the trail
1:15  (10.4 mi)  Bridge over Station Creek (1 2)
1:30 (10.7mi)  Arrive at Station Crk Camp


Saturday:  3-21-15

8:05  Broke camp and started up the Fork Ridge Trail. 
8:55  Top of ridge (+560’)
10:00  Junction of Black House Branch (4.2 mi to Bandy Crk camp/1.1 to Lodge)
10:34  Bridge over Charit Creek
12:00  Ready to hike to the Arches. Arches (1 2)


Sunday:  3-22-15

8:23 Broke camp and leaving.
8:27 Crossing the Charit Creek Bridge
8:50  Top of ridge (+520’)
8:56  Intersection of Bandy Campground trail (Black House Branch)
9:15  Down in the bottom.  There are a couple of creek crossing here with some really nice areas for camping. Remeber to always check the maps...
9:34  Junction of Laurel Fork Trail
9:58  Start of climb out of creek valley (+320’)
10:09  Jack’s ridge Loop intersection
10:27  Katie Trail/Jack’s creek loop
10:38 Collier Ridge Loop trail
11:10  Arrive back at Bandy Creek Visitor Center

We learned a lot on this trip. We got to see that we could work as a group and this lets us know that our Philmont adventure will be nice, too.