Welcome to Troop 402

    The Troop was first chartered in Noverber of 1993.  We started with 5 families supporting the idea of having our own Troop.  At the first meeting there were 9 Scouts.  That was a suprise.  We may not be growing very fast but the quality of the Troop has never been higher.  The Troop has 23 Scouts in 2003.  In the past 11 years there have been 103 young men pass through our doors.  Most stayed a few years and for one reason or another dropped out.  Of those 103, 18 have stayed in long enough to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout.  This is a remarkable number of 17%.  The national average is only 2-3%.  As I stated, though, the quality is of the highest caliber.  The Knight's of Columbus #3991 from St. Paul the Apostle Church offered to sponser us...many thanks to them...

    The Troop is primarily a backpacking Troop.  We do participate in the District camporees which are held at various locations in the surrounding area.  The dates of these events vary, but generelly they are as follows:
Winter Camporee:  January
Spring Camporee:  May
Fall Camporee:      October

Every two years the Council holds a area wide Fall Council Jamboree.  All the Troops and many of the Cub packs attend this event. There can be as many as 9000 Scouts present at this weekend event.  These take the place of the District event.  The Spring and Fall camporee are usually of the "car camping" varity.  The winter camporee is usually a backpacking event.

    The Troop has started a tradition of going to Florida for a summer fun trip every other year.  We leave Tullahoma on a Thursday and drive to Mobile, AL.  There we spend the night on the Battleship Alabama (BB-60).  In the past we have had the ship all to ourselves.  Having the run of a 800 foot boat is very interesting.  On Friday we check out and drive over to Pensacola, FL and check in at the Naval Air Station.  They have a primitive camping area for Scout that we use.  We visit the Air museum, the lighthouse, flightline, control tower, and eat in the galley.  After supper we go the the beach and let the guys swim in the ocean.  For some this has been the first time they have seen the ocean.  We stay till Sunday morning and start home.  This is a very good trip and it usually only cost about $100.  Pretty cheap for 4 days out.

    Our Troop goes to our Council's Summer camp, Boxwell, each year.  Here the Scouts can earn many of the requirements for the first three ranks in the Davy Crockett Program.  The older Scouts can concentrate on the earning of 5 Merit Badges. They sleep in two man canvas tents that are set-up on wood platforms.  They eat in the mess hall and swim in Old Hickory Lake.  Camp is always changing and improving. The council works hard to keep the stardards up so our youth have a good time, but also learn something along the way.

    Our Troop has been to Philmont Scout Ranch twice, 1999 & 2001.  We are planning a trip in the summer of 2003, too.  This is the ultimate in an outdoor camping adventure for not only the Scout, but for the leaders, too.  It is interesting to see the results of taking a "low-lander" like us and putting us on the top of a 12,441 ft. mountain.  It is VERY hard to breath up there.  We train before we fly out there, but until you experence getting out of breath by bending down and tying your boot, you can't really understand how that is possible.

We take canoe trips in the summer time and often go to NC and do some whitewater rafting.  The rafting is an event that we do where we invite the families of the Scouts, too.  We raft on the Nantahala River.  Not a class 5 river but it is fun for everyone.