The routing information provided here is for coarse level planning and comparision only - not for purposes of land navigation or detailed trek planning.. It is not complete nor is it entirely accurate. Navigation and trek planning should always use the latest maps available from the ranch. Routes marked 'USGS' were created by hand using the latest USGS data for the ranch, which is, in most cases, ten or more years out of date. Routes marked 'Phil GIS yyyy' were also created by hand but by using current (yyyy) Philmont GIS maps for reference. Routes marked 'GPS yyyy' are traces of GPS tracks and therefore represent the most accurate of the three.

All routes are, obviously, bi-directional .. there are no 'one-way' routes. In most cases, net elevation change and gross elevation change are provided for both directions although in some cases, for instance most of the tooth ridge approaches to camping headquarters are modeled inbound only.

Routes are named for their endpoints with the two endpoints alphabetized. So, if you are going from Urraca to Bear Caves look for the route under 'Bear Caves'.
Side hikes normally will have identical starting and ending points, so Trail Peak will appear as a 'Beaubien to Beaubien' route.

Requests for missing routes or special routes in support of short treks or autumn adventure will be entertained, make your request via the comments link.

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Abreu to Backache Springsvia Toothache Spring3 milesUSGS
Abreu to Beaubiendirect7 milesUSGS
Abreu to Fish Campdirect7 milesUSGS
 via Lookout Meadow7 milesUSGS
Abreu to Miner's Parkvia Crater Lake6 milesUSGS
Abreu to Urracaover the mesa4 milesGPS Track 2006
Agua Fria to Bear Cavesvia Fish Camp6 milesUSGS
Agua Fria to Beaubienvia Bear Canyon6 milesUSGS
 via Fish Camp5 milesUSGS
Agua Fria to Carson MeadowsVia Fish Camp7 milesUSGS
Agua Fria to Crooked Creekdirect5 milesUSGS
Agua Fria to Zastrowvia Fish Camp, Abreu10 milesUSGS
 via Webster Pass Lookout Peak9 milesUSGS 0
 via Webster Pass, Bonito Creek9 milesUSGS 0
Anasazi to Cottonwooddirect4 milesPhil GIS 2007
Anasazi to Indian Writingsvia North Ponil Creek1 milesUSGS
Anasazi to Old Campvia Indian Writings5 milesUSGS
Anasazi to Six Mile Gatevia Trex2 milesUSGS
Apache Springs to Fish Campvia Agua Fria Creek3 milesUSGS
Apache Springs to Wild Horsevia Phillips Junction9 milesUSGS
Aspen Springs to Cyphers Minevia cito4 milesUSGS
Aspen Springs to Devils Wash BasinVia Ute Gulch3 milesUSGS
Backache Springs to Rayadovia Rayado Creek4 milesUSGS
 direct4 milesUSGS
Backache Springs to Zastrowvia Abreu5 milesUSGS
Baldy Skyline to Cimarron Rivervia Santa Claus & Head of Dean12 milesGPS Track 2007
Baldy Skyline to Copper Parkvia Baldy Town & Miranda6 milesPhil GIS 2005
 via Baldy Town & Ute Meadows4 milesUSGS
Baldy Skyline to Mirandavia Maxwell3 milesGPS Track 2007
Baldy Skyline to Pueblanovia Pueblano Ruins2 milesPhil GIS 2005
 via Head of Dean intersection4 milesPhil GIS 2005
Bear Caves to Beaubienvia Trail Peak8 milesPhil GIS 2005
 via Fowler Pass7 milesPhil GIS 2005
Bear Caves to Urracavia Stone Wall Pass4 milesUSGS
 over the mesa3 milesUSGS
Beaubien to BeaubienSide Hike Trail Peak8 milesPhil GIS 2005
Beaubien to Black Mountaindirect2 milesPhil GIS 2005
Beaubien to Crater Lakedirect6 milesGPS Track 2007
Beaubien to Crooked Creekvia PJ3 milesUSGS
Beaubien to Fish Campvia Phillips Junction3 milesUSGS 2007
 via Aqua Fria, Porcupine & PJ8 milesUSGS 2007
Beaubien to Lost CabinVia Fish Camp4 milesUSGS
Beaubien to Lovers Leap Turnaroundvia Crater Lake & Trail Peak11 milesGPS Track 2007
Beaubien to Mt Phillipsvia Big Red6 milesUSGS
Beaubien to North Fork UrracaVia Black Mountain Camp6 milesUSGS
Beaubien to Porcupinedirect2 milesUSGS
Beaubien to Wild Horsevia Crooked Creek5 milesUSGS
Black Mountain to Buck Creekvia Phillips Junction5 milesPhil GIS 2005
Black Mountain to Clarks Forkvia Shaeffers Pass7 milesPhil GIS 2005
Black Mountain to Comanche Creekvia Phillips Junction6 milesUSGS
 via Big Red6 milesUSGS
Black Mountain to Crater Lakevia Miner's Park6 milesPhil GIS 2005
 via Trail Peak8 milesPhil GIS 2005
Black Mountain to Lamberts Minedirect3 milesUSGS
Black Mountain to Miner's Parkvia North Fork Urraca4 milesUSGS
Black Mountain to Phillips Junctiondirect3 milesUSGS
Black Mountain to Shaefers Passvia Black Mountain4 milesUSGS
Buck Creek to Lost Cabinvia Apache Springs4 milesPhil GIS 2005
Carson Meadows to Fish Campvia Rayado Creek6 milesUSGS
 direct6 milesPhil GIS 2005
Carson Meadows to Rayadovia Abreu2 milesUSGS
Carson Meadows to Rayado Riverdirect1 milesUSGS
Carson Meadows to Zastrowvia Abreu2 milesUSGS
Carson Meadows to Zastrow Turnaroundvia Abreu & Zastrow3 milesPhil GIS 2005
Cathedral Rock to CimarroncitoVia Hidden Valley4 milesUSGS
Cathedral Rock to Cito TurnaroundNorthern Option1 milesUSGS
 Southern Option1 milesUSGS
Cathedral Rock to Shaefers PassVia Clarks Fork4 milesUSGS
Cathedral Rock to Upper Sawmillvia Hunting Lodge & Hidden Valley8 milesUSGS
 via Hidden Valley6 milesUSGS
 via Cito7 milesUSGS
Cimarron River to Deer Lakevia Grouse Canyon6 milesPhil GIS 2005
 via Aspen Springs6 milesPhil GIS 2005
Cimarron River to Harlanvia the bench7 milesGPS Track 2007
Cimarron River to Highway 64 Footbridgedirect0 milesUSGS 0
Cimarron River to Santa Clausdirect4 milesUSGS 0
Cimarroncito to CimarroncitoSide Hike Hidden Valley4 milesUSGS
Cimarroncito to Clarks Forkvia Hunting Lodge2 milesPhil GIS 2005
Cimarroncito to Cyphers Minevia Middle Fork4 milesUSGS
 via North Fork4 milesUSGS
Cimarroncito to Deer Lake Mesavia Ute Gulch Commissary4 milesPhil GIS 2005
Cimarroncito to Harlanvia Ute Gulch Commissary7 milesGPS Track 2007
Cimarroncito to Lamberts Minedirect3 milesUSGS
Cimarroncito to Mt Phillipsvia Big Red9 milesUSGS
 via Cyphers Mine8 milesUSGS
Cimarroncito to Ponderosa Parkvia Clarks Fork3 milesUSGS
Cimarroncito to Sawmilldirect4 milesPhil GIS 2005
Cimarroncito to Shaefers Passvia Clarks Fork & Hunting Lodge5 milesGPS Track 2007
Cimarroncito to Tooth Ridgevia Clarks Fork8 milesUSGS
Cimarroncito to Upper Clarks ForkVia Clarks Fork3 milesUSGS
Cimarroncito to Ute Gulch Commissarydirect2 milesUSGS
Cito Turnaround to Hunting LodgeNorthern Option2 milesUSGS
 Southern Option2 milesUSGS
Clarks Fork to Homebound Tent Cityvia Tooth Ridge8 milesUSGS
Clear Creek to Comanche Peakvia Mount Phillips4 milesUSGS
Clear Creek to Crooked CreekRayado River4 milesUSGS
 via Wild Horse5 milesUSGS
Clear Creek to Cyphers Minevia Mount Phillips6 milesUSGS
Clear Creek to Porcupinevia Rayado Creek5 milesUSGS
Clear Creek to Red Hillsdirect4 milesUSGS
Comanche Creek to Comanche Peakvia Big Red6 milesUSGS
 via Clear Creek7 milesGPS Track 2006
Comanche Peak to Cyphers Minedirect2 milesUSGS
Comanche Peak to Lower Sawmillvia Sawmill8 milesPhil GIS 2005
Comanche Peak to Sawmilldirect5 milesPhil GIS 2005
Copper Park to Copper ParkLoop incl Baldy Town5 milesUSGS
 direct3 milesUSGS 0
 Baldy via 'North Baldy Ridge Approach'8 milesGPS Track 2007
Copper Park to Greenwood Canyondirect8 milesPhil GIS 2006
Copper Park to Maxwelldirect5 milesUSGS 0
Copper Park to Rich Cabinsdirect9 milesUSGS 0
Cottonwood to Ponildirect4 milesPhil GIS 2007
 via Mountain Lion & Metcalf Canyons9 milesPhil GIS 2007
Crags to Lost CabinVia Fish Camp6 milesUSGS
Crags to Old Abreudirect4 milesPhil GIS 2005
Crater Lake to Lover's Leapdirect2 milesUSGS
 direct2 milesUSGS
Crater Lake to Shaefers Passvia Miners Park5 milesUSGS
Crater Lake to UrracaOver the Mesa and via Bear Caves4 milesUSGS 2007
Cyphers Mine to Lamberts Minedirect1 milesUSGS
Cyphers Mine to Mt PhillipsVia Comanche Peak3 milesUSGS
Cyphers Mine to Porcupinedirect7 milesUSGS
Cyphers Mine to Upper Sawmillvia Thunder Ridge6 milesUSGS
Cyphers Mine to Webster Parksvia Hunting Lodge4 milesUSGS
 via Cito5 milesPhil GIS 2007
Dan Beard to Old Campvia 4wd5 milesUSGS
Dan Beard to Rich Cabinsaround the mesa6 milesPhil GIS 2006
 over the mesa2 milesUSGS 2007
Dean Cow to Harlanvia Turkey Creek Canyon7 milesUSGS
Dean Cow to New Deanvia Dean Canyon3 milesUSGS
Dean Cow to Ponilvia Dean Skyline7 milesUSGS
Dean Cutoff to Ponil Turnaroundvia Ponil1 milesGPS Track 2004
Dean Cutoff to Rich Cabinsvia Ponil6 milesGPS Track 2004
 via Pueblano & Wilson Mesa9 milesUSGS
Deer Lake Mesa to Vacavia Harlan4 milesPhil GIS 2006
Deer Lake to Harlandirect1 milesUSGS
Deer Lake to Sawmillvia Ute Gulch Commissary6 milesUSGS
Deer Lake to Ute Springsaround the mesa5 milesGPS Track 2004
Deer Lake to Vacavia Harlan2 milesPhil GIS 2005
Devils Wash Basin to Vacadirect5 milesUSGS
Fish Camp to Lost Cabinvia Agua Fria2 milesPhil GIS 2005
Flume Canyon to Mirandavia Pueblano8 milesGPS Track 2007
Flume Canyon to Ponil Turnaroundvia Ponil4 milesGPS Track 2007
Greenwood Canyon to Rich Cabinsdirect5 milesPhil GIS 2006
Harlan to Ponderosa Parkvia Ute Gulch Commissary & Hidden Valley11 milesPhil GIS 2007
Harlan to Turkey Creekvia Vaca Trail4 milesPhil GIS 2007
Harlan to Turkey Creek Turnarounddirect2 milesUSGS
Harlan to Webster Lake Turnarounddirect3 milesPhil GIS 2005
Head of Dean to New Deanvia Dean Canyon4 milesUSGS
Head of Dean to Ute Meadowsvia Baldy Skyline4 milesUSGS
Homebound Tent City to Miner's Parkvia Tooth Ridge11 milesGPS Track 2007
 via Tooth Ridge9 milesUSGS
Homebound Tent City to North Fork Urracavia Tooth Ridge7 milesUSGS
Homebound Tent City to Ponderosa Parkincl Shaffers Peak10 milesPhil GIS 2007
Homebound Tent City to Shaefers Passvia Tooth Ridge6 milesUSGS
Homebound Tent City to Tooth Ridgevia Lower Tooth Ridge5 milesGPS Track 2005
 via We All Made It Gate3 milesUSGS
 via Pasture Trail3 milesUSGS
Homebound Tent City to Upper Clarks Forkvia Tooth Ridge7 milesUSGS
 via Tooth Ridge7 milesUSGS
Hunting Lodge to Lower Sawmillvia Cimarroncito2 milesPhil GIS 2005
 via Hidden Valley5 milesGPS Track 2006
Hunting Lodge to Sawmillvia Cito4 milesUSGS
 via Hidden Valley / Cito7 milesUSGS
 via Hidden Valley7 milesUSGS
Hunting Lodge to Upper Clarks Forkvia Clarks Fork2 milesGPS Track 2006
Indian Writings to Ponilvia Hart Peak4 milesUSGS
Indian Writings to Six Mile Gatedirect3 milesPhil GIS 2007
Lamberts Mine to Mt Phillipsdirect5 milesUSGS
 Via Comanche Peak5 milesUSGS
Lamberts Mine to Ute Springsdirect5 milesUSGS
Lover's Leap to Lovers Leap Turnaroundvia Lovers Leap2 milesPhil GIS 2005
Lover's Leap to Urracavia Stone Wall Pass3 milesUSGS
 direct3 milesUSGS
Maxwell to Santa Clausdirect7 milesUSGS 0
Miner's Park to Trailbound Tent Cityvia Tooth Ridge11 milesGPS Track 2007
Miner's Park to Urracaaround the mesa5 milesUSGS
 over the mesa5 milesUSGS
Miranda to MirandaBaldy Loop via Baldy Town, Copper Park & French Henry16 milesPhil GIS 2007
 Baldy Loop via BaldyTown & Copper Park14 milesGPS Track 2007
Miranda to Pueblanovia Baldy Skyline5 milesUSGS
Miranda to Pueblano Ruinsvia Baldy Skyline & Maxwell3 milesPhil GIS 2007
Miranda to Santa Clausvia Baldy Skyline & Head of Dean8 milesPhil GIS 2007
Mt Phillips to Phillips Junctionvia Rayado8 milesUSGS
 via Red Hills6 milesUSGS
 via Wild Horse9 milesUSGS
Mt Phillips to Porcupinevia Clear Creek8 milesUSGS
Mt Phillips to Wild Horsevia Clear Creek5 milesUSGS
North Fork Urraca to Red Hillsdirect7 milesUSGS
Old Abreu to Zastrow Turnarounddirect2 milesUSGS
Olympia to Rayadodirect2 milesUSGS
Olympia to Zastrowdirect1 milesUSGS
Ponil to Ponil Turnarounddirect0 milesUSGS
 direct0 milesPhil GIS 2007
Ponil to Pueblanovia South Ponil Creek5 milesUSGS
Ponil to Pueblano Ruinsvia Wilson Mesa8 milesPhil GIS 2007
 direct via South Ponil Creek7 milesPhil GIS 2007
Pueblano to Ute Meadowsvia Baldy Skyline6 milesUSGS
Rayado River to Urracavia Abreu; Over the Mesa4 milesGPS Track 2006
Rayado River to Zastrow Turnaroundvia Zastrow1 milesUSGS
Rich Cabins to Ring Placedirect6 milesPhil GIS 2006
Rimrock Park to UrracaRimRockParkToUrraca4 milesGPS Track 2007
Rimrock Park to Zastrow TurnaroundZastrow TA to Rim Rock Park2 milesGPS Track 2007
Santa Claus to Turkey Creekvia New Dean & Black Jacks7 milesPhil GIS 2007
 via Dr Bob's Scenic Route13 milesPhil GIS 2007
Sawmill to Webster Parksvia Sawmill Canyon3 milesUSGS
 via Cito4 milesUSGS
Seally Canyon to Whiteman Vegavia North Ponil Creek5 milesPhil GIS 2007
Shaefers Pass to Urracavia Tooth of Time & the Pasture Trail10 milesGPS Track 2007
Tooth Ridge to Upper Clarks Forkvia Shaefers Pass5 milesPhil GIS 2005
Tooth Ridge to Webster Parksvia Hidden Valley12 milesPhil GIS 2007
Turkey Creek Turnaround to Vacadirect3 milesGPS Track 2004
Upper Clarks Fork to Webster Parksvia Hunting Lodge4 milesUSGS
 via Hidden Valley & Hunting Lodge6 milesUSGS
Urraca to Zastrow Turnaroundvia Abreu5 milesGPS Track 2007
Ute Meadows to Ute Meadowsvia Baldy Town9 milesUSGS
Average Distance 5.64 miles