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We arrived in the Philmont parking lot around 10am.  This young lady came over to meet us.  It was Tori, our ranger.  We are now on the clock.  She started with the registration and physical forms.  We got our equipment and it was time to go over to the Villa for lunch.  Got that out of the way and did our pack inspections and final prep for going out tonight.  The itinerary was changed some, so this should make for an interesting trek. 

The time finally arrive and a couple of other rangers helped load our packs in the truck.  There was a pick-up and a suburban carrying us out. 

We got to Ponil Turnaround and the other rangers driving wanted to show us an old grave site. This site was marked with only a stone with a cross on it. Once we were left alone Tori started her training of what to do and how to do it, the 'Philmont way'. We hiked on to Ponil were we set up camp. Good start to our trip.

Ponil was affected by the flooding a couple of months ago. There were signs of high water and large piles of debis along the creek. One of the buildings actually started floating. It was stopped by a tree before it could go far, but was turned 90 degrees before it stopped.

We have a RED ROOF INN at the edge of our camp.  Don't know why they didn't move it away some.  We will see what is in store for us at our other stops.  (P 2 B or P 2 CP)

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