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11.4 miles

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We got our chance to climb our first peak today.  We will go up Hart Pk. but with no packs.  We loaded all the 'smellables' into the bear boxes and headed out.  Started around 7:50 and arrived on the peak about 9:30.  Hart Pk is 7943'.  We set a pretty good pace.  Tori was still watching to see if our hiking skills were where they would need to be in a couple of days when we hit Baldy.  I think we did a very good job hiking.  Especially in the higher altitude.  Ray and I found some Pinion Pine nuts and also found that the little Scrub Oaks had almost 'sweet' acorns.  Not much tannin. 

Started down, got back to Ponil, got reloaded and started moving on to Pueblano. 

Pueblano was so quite without the staff wanting to play 'Logger Ball'.  We set up our camp out in the pole climbing area.  We had a clear view of all the stars that night. 

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