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8.6 miles

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At French Henry we took a rest.  Ray and I started panning for gold.  We did finally go up the to the cabin and eat lunch.  Found some small specks of gold in the creek.  After some more resting it was time to move on to Baldy Town. 

We started moving sometime after 1 so we could get up to Baldy Town.

As we got closer to Baldy Town, the weather started looking questionable.  As we continued, it did start raining.  We all started getting our rain gear out and before things were on the hail started.  Pea size, but hail none the less.  Got all suited up and started walking, then the rain cleared up.  Went on into camp which is about 1/2 mile out side Baldy Town.  Got set-up and decided to walk back into Baldy Camp to look around.  Once there the rain started again, but not for long.  We took shelter in the new Baldy Hotel, the new staff lodging building.

Once the rain stopped it was time to head back to camp and start supper. 

Great day.  Long enough to see how we would do, but not so many hills. 

Tomorrow we hit Baldy!!

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