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So, today we attempt Baldy Mtn.  The wind has been blowing all night.  There was a constant roar overhead in the aspen tops.  Like waves at the ocean, waves would roll in along with the main stream of wind.  Again, we started our hike around 7:50am.  As we climbed the temperature dropped some, and the wind started to increase.  When we arrived at the "Sound of Music" field in the saddle, the wind was quite strong.  We started our caterpillaring once we cleared the tree-line.  The wind started blowing us around the closer we got to the top.  We finally got to the top and WOW, the wind was strong.  The estimate was high of course, but we think it was around 80-85 mph. 

Our plans were to cross over the top and return to camp via Copper Park, but the wind would have made this difficult, if not very dangerous.  After a very short stay on top, hiding in the rock pits that were constructed there, we elected to go back the same way we came.  We ate lunch at the meadow.  Squeeze cheese!

We got back to camp and relaxed before supper was started.  This has been the most rock pounding we have done yet.  Little do I realize what is in store for us later.

Again, another good day.

Video Link (wind on Baldy)
Video Link (wind at night in the tent)
Video Link (the climb up Baldy)

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