Day 5
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Today we are heading to Santa Clause camp.  We will be resupplied at Head of Dean.  Last night Tori checked in with base and told them we would be at HOD around 12:30. 

Our hike started as usual around 7:50.  We went back through Baldy Town heading for the Baldy Skyline trail.  Things seemed to be going well, but somehow as we found out later, we were on the old closed trail.  (the overview shows the new trail that we should have followed).

The old trail was still in pretty good shape.  In our defence, the new trail wasn't on the new maps either, and the 'CLOSED' markers were only in place if we had been travelling to the North.  So, we had a good hike into HOD. Got to the cabin around 11:20.  We ate lunch expecting the food delivery any minute.  As the minutes turned into hours, some slept, some just had a good time swinging in the oversized swing.  I found some horse shoes.  Sam and I played for a while, then Bob and John had a small tournament.  Still we waited.  By 2:00 everyone was getting restless.  By 3:00 Tori went up the hill to us her cell phone to call base and find out if there was a real problem.  About the time she got out of sight, the resupply truck came rolling in.  They had water for us and 5 days of food.  That's 60 bags.  That is  lot of food.  And, as Santa Clause is a dry camp, we would need to carry as much water as possible.  We got the truck load of supplies stuffed into our packs and said our good-byes to the other rangers.   We left for our next camp around 3:30.  We set a VERY fast pace.  We had 3.9 miles to go.  We did it in 1:30 hours.  This, I hope, will be the heaviest load will carry while we are out here.

For supper, Tori was going to fix, what they are calling a Bulk meal.  These are fixed with canned items and some fresh items.  There is a recipe for Kirkconnel Chili in the 'Mountain Trek Cookbook'.  We were all pretty tired from the last fast march, but no one was in bad shape.  Supper was awesome.

During the evening there were a few, I think 3, C-130's flying around.  They were night training, very low.

Video Link  ( walk through the woods)

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