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Today we head into the South Country.  We are going to Upper Bench camp.  This means we will be passing under Hwy 64 and then up to Vista Grande.  I have been dreading this part of the hike more than any other part.  In '07' it seemed like a very bad trail and when we got to the spring there were flys of biblical proportions. 

Got off at our usual time...but not far out of camp the trail seemed to dissapear.  We crossed up into the woods to see if we could find a trace but finally decided that what we were on was the trail.

Got down to the river/road and found a lot of large boulders and trees had been washed into the riverbed during the flood.  Crossed the road and now my trail begins.  I was seeing wooden markers on the side of the trail and didn't realize what they meant for a while.  This was a new switched back trail.  This was Great !!  But, Tori had set me up, because I had been whinning about it for a day or so and she had said nothing.  Just going to let me find out in person.  We got to Vista Grande around 11:20 and ate lunch.  We went out to the camp, which I don't remember, to look at the old cabin and the view of Baldy in the background. With lunch over the climb on up to the Bench started around 12:30.  This was not a new trail, and was pretty steep.  We were hoping for water there, and found some.  The problem with it, was that it was out in the middle of a marsh.  It was a nice little pond, but we just couldn't get out far enough to get usuable water.  So, this was a dry camp even though we saw water.  Got into camp around 2:00.  I saw bear tracks on the other side of the pond and was hopeful for a passing view of a bear.  I thought this would have been a good place for a mountain lion to be, too.   NOTHING...

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