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Today we head for Hunting Lodge.  We are all a little worried about the water, or lack of it.  Next water will be at Ute Gulch Commissary.

Got to the commissary around 9:30 and left around 10.  There were horses in the field near the cabin.  They seemed friendly.  Saw some large bear tracks just outside the camp.  They were old, and the horses didn't seem concerned about anything, so we guessed it was safe. 

Hidden valley was next.  This is a very nice place.  A small valley up in the middle of the mountain.  We pressed on to 'Window Rock' for lunch.  While there I went looking for the pools on top of the rocks.  There are many 'impressions' dug into the rock.  Some of these have water in them.  Those that do have a kind of fresh water shrimp living in them.

From Window Rock we went down to Hunting Lodge, arriving around 1:30.  We set up camp a little ways from the Cabin just in case other people came by, we would be out of the way.  Now it is time to do some long overdue laundry and personal bathing.    We really aired our dirty laundry, or clean by now.  It felt and smelled good to be clean again.  With some time available, I then Ray did some panning.  Not much in this creek.  There was lots of black sand, but no gold. Water from a tap today.  Still needs treating, but unlimited...

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