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A very short hike day.  We can use this. 

We had a very good breakfast today.  It was a 'cooked' meal.  Sorta like an scrambled egg omelet.  We were back into the aspens again.  We got a late start today because of the breakfast.  Started around 8:05...arriving at Cypher's mine around 10:30.

Got our stuff put up and found a 'muckhouse' that we would stay in.  Concrete floor with a roof.  Not bad, but 8 is about all it will hold.  I remember in 07 when they wanted 12 of us to stay in one...NOT any way. 

Everyone but Ray and I went to look at the hole in the ground that is the mine entrance.  We were hopeful that this would be a good place since it was a mine area, but there was very little gold.  Each of us found some, but not very much.  We quit after a couple of hours.  The others came back with lunch on their mind.  We ate up on the porch, then found the library in the cabin and explored the reading material that was available.

Tonight, Tori wanted a fire.  The fire was nice and she said she would carry all the ashes out in the morning.  Having the fire kept us up for a little while longer.  Even Sam stayed up about 1/2 hr longer.  Maybe until 8:30.

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