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8.8 miles

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Today we get two more peaks...

Even though we didn't have tents to put up, we had to re-package the ground cloths back into the bags with the tent.  Got our usual start.  We will be climbing most of the day as we will be going over 11,000'.  Comanche Peak is first at 11,326.  We decided to go ahead and carry our packs on to Mt. Phillips.  This way we could eat lunch and it just wouldn't take so much time in trying to load the bear bags.  Got to Phillips around 12.  What a view. 

Stayed there for almost an hour and then started moving on to Red Hills camp.  This was a lot of downhill rock hopping.  Got to camp around 3 with the threat of bad weather.  There was a little time between things to do so Ray and I panned.  There were some actual flakes of gold in this little creek.  No fire tonight.  This camp is pretty bad...the one bear cable we found is attached to a tree that is marked with a "DO NOT USE" sign.  The tree is split and when we did use it we were afraid that it might fall.  Luckly our supply of food is low now.  We will be supplied tomorrow.  And, the camp is very rocky and washed out.  There is an area just down stream that is flatter, but has a NO CAMPING sign in it.  They need to close this camp.

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