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Today we are moving into the more South country.  We will be staying at Beaubien.  This is a horse camp.  In the summer there are horse back rides and other cowboy things going on.  There is a 'chuckwagon' meal in the evening for everyone.

We had the same basic problem this year as back in 07.  We didn't know how to get out of this camp.  No signage.  We thought we were one place, but it turned out that we were up in the north end of the camp and should have been in the south.  We did some creative bushwacking and ended up intersecting the trail, so no real harm done.  This trail is marked on the overview pic.

We plan on going over Bonito Peak, 10,616', and then down into Beaubien around 12:45.  As we were setting up camp the supply truck showed up.  We got our next Bulk meal and our final supplys that would last until we arrived back in base.  Once we got our camp set-up and ate lunch we started down the road for Trail Peak and the B-24 crash site, 2:20.

The first part of our hike was 7.8 miles.  The hike up Trail Peak (10,242') and back was 6.6 miles.  As we started the second part the weather really didn't look good over the peak.  There was thunder coming from that direction, but we kept moving forward.  Tori was worried and expecting to say we should NOT go up the peak because of the lightning and rain.  We kept pushing forward.  We arrived at the top, then went back down to the plane crash.  Then got the heck off that slope.

It was very late, 5:30, when we arrived back in camp.  There were two groups working this evening.  One trying to clean a spot to get water and another getting supper ready.  Tonight we are having, Yul Brynner’s Ballin’ Thai Curry.  It was dark and cool when the dinner was finally ready.  Ate, cleaned up and basically went to bed. 

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