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8.2 miles

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Today is the day that most of us have been waiting for, or dreading, we go over Black Mtn.  I have forgotten how hard it is. 

Started on time and made the climb out of the Beaubien valley.  At this point we were the equivalent of half way up Black, but wait, we need to go down into Black Mtn Camp.  We lose all that gain...

We get water and have a snack.  Now, here we go.  At 9:50 we start up the hill.  We must gain ~2600 ft in just under 1.5 miles.  We make it to the 'false peak' at 11:55 and to the actual top at 12:05.  (10,875')  That's 8.  Lunch is just on the other side of the summit.

Then the fun starts again as we rock hop down the other side.  There are three false peaks before you get into Shaefers peak camp.  We pull into camp around 3.  We are all beat !!  Yep, I forgot all about that one.   The rain seems to want to start, so we set up the tarp which is blown down pretty quickly.  Water, and start supper. 

Our last night out.

Bob's Black Mountain speech

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