ShaeferDay 12
10 miles

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Our last day on the trail.

Started as usual.  Tori sat with our packs so we could summit Shaefers Peak (9414') That's #9.

Started for the Tooth.  Got to the base of the Tooth and set our bear bags.  We started the large rock hopping up to the top.  Summited the Tooth (9003') around 10:50.  That is #10. 

Took some pics and started down.  We decided not to eat lunch, just have snacks and start the long trail to the bottom.  Many had never been on the ridge trail, and wanted to experience it.  How silly.

We got into base around 2:00.  Got our equipment turned in and then the best shower we had ever taken.  After saying our good byes to Tori, we got the packs into the trailer and set off for the St. James Hotel in Cimarron.

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