We went into Cimarron looking for ice cream.  The Art Gallery  was closed.  We ended up down at the local drive up.  They had a very good soft serve.  Went back to the St. James and checked in.  We got settled in and started waiting for supper.  We all ate very well and the food was good.  No Buffalo on the menu, though.  Once back at the room there was lots of personal catching up going on.  Ray and I started looking at the GPS data and plotting what would be done with it on the way home.
Time for bed (7:30).  I didn't sleep as well as I thought I would.

Breakfast came and it was very good, too.
The time came to soon for us to squeeze back into the suburban for the trip home.  The only saving thing is that we are going to stop at the Capulin Valcano which is a couple of hours away.  After that it will be a straight in shot back to Tullahoma.

Even with the long drive, what a GREAT trip this was. 

What's next?


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