Some of the activities of the year

Buggy Top Cave 2-02:  This an area that doesn't get a lot of traffic.  There is a large cave at the end of the 2 mile hike. We had taken the WEBELOS out for a hike as part of their Arrow of Light requirement.

Spring Camporee 02:  This camporee proved to be exciting, but muddy.  The area got about 3" of rain in the day leading up to the event.  There was no rain during the Camporee, but the ground was saturated already.  Everyone had a wonderful time and may have learned something during the weekend.  The theme for this Camporee was Scout basics.

Boxwell Summer Camp 02:  Boxwell is located on Old Hickory Lake in Gallatin, TN.  Its beautiful location features rolling hills with lots of good campsites and hiking trails.  The surrounding waters are excellent for swimming, canoeing, fishing, and other aquatic activities.  Actually, there have been four "Boxwells"; Linden, TN (1921-1929), Narrows of the Harpeth, (1930-1948), Rock Island (1948-1959) and the present one.  Each Boxwell provided great outdoor experiences for boys and their adult leaders and made its own contribution to the camping traditions of the Middle TN Council.
In 1960 the first summer camp season at the present camp was held for hundreds of eagerly waiting Scouts.  Since 1960 over 110,000 Scouts and leaders have experienced camping at Boxwell.

Florida Trip 02: Every other year we try to take a trip LA (lower Alabama).  We go to Mobile, AL and spend the night on the Battleship Alabama.  The next day we travel to Pensacola and camp for two nights.  We visit the lighthouse, the Naval Air Museum and in the evening after supper in the galley, we go the the beach.  GREAT FUN!

Council Fall Camporee 02:  Every two years the Council hosts the Camporee.  This was the year.  They got permission to have the Camporee on the grounds of the Hermitage in Nashville.  The home of Andrew Jackson.  We saw his home from a distance, but we were off in one of the fields.  The theme of the event was the basics of Scouting...ie, fire building, First Aid, Plant Id, Lashing, and Map and Compass.  The event was well attended and the Scouts had a good time.

Stone Door (9-02):  The stone door is part of the South Cumberland Recreation Area.  The area is also known as Savage Gulf.  The area has been carved like a giant crow foot into the western edge of the Cumberland Plateau, the Savage Gulf St. Natural Area.  There are many different trails that can be hiked, ranging from easy to streanous.  You could spend a week in this area hiking the many trails.  See maps for more details.

Flag ceremony 02:  Our Troop participated in a 9-11 flag ceremony that a local company was performing.

Franklin State Forest:   In November,02 we went to the top of Monteagle mountain to this camping place.  This a very overlooked area, thankfully.  There are no improvements, except for the trail system, which was an Eagle project for Troop 391 in Estill Springs.  On this day it was very foggy and cold.  We thought the fog would lift at some point, but it never did.  We didn't see the grand overlooks until Sunday on the hike out.  Everyone had a chilly good time.