Some of the activities of the year

Winter Camporee (31-Jan)
    The camping committee picked Cherry Point as a Plan 'B' camporee location, after their first choice fell through.  We went to a place called Cherry point.  This place is just off of the campus of the University of the South.  There is a site on the bluff looking North.  It was a clear and chilly day for the start of the 2-1/2 mile backpacking hike.  Everyone made the hike with no problems.  The main activity for the Scouts to do was a nature scavenger hunt.  While doing this, they also just ran around the woods and threw rocks into the little pond.  I think the level rose a foot from all the rocks that were thrown in.  Evening came and everyone settled in to prepare something hot for supper.  The adults, as usual, ate the best food.   The fire was the most popular spot by far as the sun started to set.  The afternoon temperature rose to 32 degrees.  As the sun went down so did the temperature.  There were some stories and jokes told around the fire during the night, most bad... Everyone started drifting to the tents around 9:00.
The wind started to blow pretty hard around midnight but all the equipment was well tied down so nothing blew over the cliff.
The temperature fell to a low of about 25 degrees during the night, but by morning had climbed back to 32 in the morning.  There wasn't anyone that complained, to much, about getting unbearably cold during the night.
Most of us were up and packing by 6:30.  By the time the church service came around, 8:00, we were pretty well on our way to being completely packed.  We were on the trail by 9:15.
This was a good trip.  No mishaps and a good time was had by all.

The Great Stone Door (2-19)
We finally got to return to the Stone Door.  We have tried a few times and the campsites were always full.  Look at the pictures of the kids on the edge.  The parents don't like to see these photos.
 We went to Alum Campground.  When we entered the campsite we found a possom wondering around.  I went over to him and he played dead.  Picked him up and showed the kids.  They named him Bob.  Don't know why.  Set up camp, ate lunch and then went on a walk to Greeter Falls.  The falls had alot of water coming over them.
We had a wonderful time here.  The company and hike were very nice.  Everyone had a good time.

Franklin St. Forest (3-13)
Got to camp well before lunch so we went exploring down the trail toward the boundary line of the forest.  Found a nice waterfall that I don't think anyone had seen before.  Patrick got sick and had to be walked out for his mom to pick up.  We got to hike back to camp in the dark.  We did remember the flashlights.  The weather was wonderful and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Dog Days:  (April)  This is a community service that is really fun.  One of the leaders has two very nice dogs.  We meet at an assisted living home in town and let the residents pat the dogs.  They really like the dogs, but they like to talk to the Scouts and the leaders.  Many of the residents are native to the area or have lived around here for many years.  It is nice to see the smiles these older citizens get on their face when the dogs arrive.

Spring Camporee (4-30 / 5-2)
The theme for the camporee was Native American games.  The camporee coordinator, Ed Land, did a VERY good job of getting everything in place.  There were blow guns, spear throwing, lacrosse, and many other events for the Scouts to participate in.  The events lasted all day.  In the late afternoon a family of Cherokees came to visit.  They were going to show us different styles of dances.  They were in regalia for the type of dance they would be showing us.  The weekend was a total success.  Thanks Ed.

Boxwell (6-20)
We had a good week at summer camp.  Everyone had fun and learned a lot.

Pensacola, FL trip: (7/8-11)
This was our biannual trip south.  We spent the first night on BB-60, the Battleship Alabama, in Mobile bay.  We had a good time exploring the ship during the night.  There was no one else on board with us.  We departed in the morning for Pensacola Naval air station.  We got a private tour of the lighthouse from the auxiliary Coast Guard.  We visited the two forts on base, Fort Redoubt and Barrancus, both of Spanish origin. The Park employee, Emily from Murfreesboro, wasn't working here while we were here, she was over at Ft. Pickens.  We got a tour of the control tower, and while there the " BLUES" (Blue Angles) took off on there way over to the Pensacola air show.  There were two groups of us so the first group got to see the planes leave. The second group saw them return.  It was a nice addition to the trip.  In the evening, after supper, we would take the Scout out to Predito beach.  They had a good time in the surf and on the beach digging holes to put other scouts in.  We started our return trip home on Sunday after breakfast and a short prayer service.  We did get one more treat before leaving the campsite, though,  a pod of dolphins came swimming into the bay.  They were hunting.  There were about 5 of them herding fish together so they could eat them.  It was pretty neat to see them working as a group to get a task done.  Many people never get to see dolphins in the wild.  They think they should be doing tricks or at least jumping out of the water making noise.
This trip is a lot of fun and doesn't cost a lot.

Council Jamboree:  10-16-04

Foster Falls/ Small Wilds Campground:(11-6)  The week was rainy, but as the weekend approached things cleared up.  The temperatures were mid 60's and high 30's.  The Scouts had a really good time.